The Daeva and Midwinter

By: Holly Race

In May of 2016 various natural, and some unnatural, disasters occurred across the globe. Frogs amassed in large enough numbers to topple buildings, locusts swarms destroying crops and causing accidents and numerous floods wiping out human food supplies and homes. It wasn’t long before the first of the Shadow Creatures was spotted. At first the creatures were allusive, but have since become more bold.
9qah5lThe Creatures appear to be shaped out of shadow and smoke, with glowing eyes when they speak from their mouthless faces. Of the few who have spoken to one and survived we are told of the creatures malice and hatred for Vampire kind. They seem especially bent on the destruction of the Ventrue clan, but their malevolence does not stop there.

The Creatures call themselves the Daeva. Mythology tells us of the Daeva as being false gods. The Daeva seem to disagree that their claim was false. No one is yet sure what has changed that provoked this ancient evil from it’s complacency, now they seem only to wish to end the existence of the Vampires.

Many methods have been employed by the Daeva to wreak havoc among the Vampires. They are able to possess the bodies of humans, and the dead alike. Possessing the body of Vampires has lead to mass panic and distrust between one another in every Sect. No method has proved 100% effective in detecting a Daeva possession, thus the unrest continues.

This past September Vampires from all Sects gathered on Yaros Island to discuss the Daeva. Elitemembers from 7d43c21cea773f9a5d6c684fe1ae3aa1both the Camarilla and Sabbat were in attendance. Dracula himself made an appearance, claiming to have ancient knowledge that would be useful in the current struggle. During their time in Yaros some individuals were able to garner insight in the form of a telepathic vision after touching an oblisk artifact.

Since the convention in Yaros the Sabbat began granting members of their Sect with the title of Console. The title gives the Cainite the right to liaise with those of the Camarilla for purposes of sharing information in regards to the Daeva who are plaguing both Sects. This tenative treaty has not been upheld well on either side, and the fragile peace threatens to break down.

Old world Tzimisce Caterina Lupesu, Duchess of the Borgo Pass in Romania has graciously opened her doors to host a summit of Vampires. She has assured all attendees of their safety, and has made it known that those who violate her hospitality will be dealt with harshly. The summit is planned for January 13th through the 15th of 2017. Will the Camarilla send representatives? Can this precarious treaty be upheld to ensure the very existence of us all?

To have your voice heard by those who will be deciding the fate of all Vampire kind, reserve your spottoday!

One World by Night Chronicle Zephyr of Darkness will be hosting the event at Midwinter Gaming Convention. For any questions for the staff, drop them an email!