OWBN Conflict Resolution

So you realize that you have a major issue with someone, and you just can’t seem to resolve it.  Here is a list of recommended steps:

  1. Go immediately to social media and complain.  If you make the recipient of your ire miserable, you win LARP.   

HAHAHA NO.  Do not do the above.  This may seem like the best way to get heard, or have “real talk” or what have you, but it is the worst way to resolve any conflict, in the org or out of it.

Absolutely DO NOT engage in gossip.  Destroying the reputation of the person you are mad at, before you even try to resolve your issue, is not conducive to creating an inviting and enjoyable community culture for OWBN.  Healing and maintaining OWBN’s culture starts with each individual.  Don’t be part of the problem!

If you sincerely have a concern that you want to be resolved quickly so you can get back to the fun parts about gaming, please see below:

  1. Take to the person you are having an issue with directly.  Do not engage in the social fallacy of “real talk”.  (Wherein people say they are being blunt, but really they are being abusive and cruel).  Be straight forward and polite.  If you are angry today, sleep on it, and see how you feel tomorrow.
    If the offending party is in your game, in your local community, or even online via Online Forums, Email Lists, or even a Facebook page, pull aside the person who is bothering you, or send them a private message, and let them know what you are upset with.  If you are afraid that your intentions in opening dialogue will come across more like Billy the Viking laying siege to the countryside, then consult with a close friend or your STs in order to say things in a way that will be conducive to conversation.
  2. If you cannot come to some kind of understanding or agreement with the other party, consult your ST staff.  They will reach out to those necessary (Other players, other STs, Coords, List Mods, OWBN Group mods, etc.)  and see if resolution can be found.
  3. If you are still having an issue with another party, and you cannot use your ST staff as a resource (perhaps they are the source of your trouble) then you should contact the exec team for OWBN.   The Exec team is comprised of the Head Coord (HC) and the Assistant Head Coords (AHC).  They often serve as mediation between arguing parties in OWBN, and will work with you to resolve your complaints and come to an agreement that benefits all those involved.  To learn more about OWBN Disciplinary policy, check out #6: under http://www.owbn.net/bylaws/administrative.    To contact the OWBN Exec Team, please email:  owbn-exec [at] owbn [dot] net.